Ali and RubiThe king's dogs

Whatever the two white Pomeranians, Ali and Rubi, got up to, King Wilhelm II von Württemberg was always forgiving with his two favorite dogs. Since 1907, they regularly accompanied the king, sometimes bringing the whole court to laughter with their antics.

King Wilhelm II von Württemberg with his dog, photograph circa 1910

Ali and Rubi barked at distinguished guests.

Two court jesters on eight legs

Even during official banquets, Ali and Rubi ran free and barked at important guests. There is a story about how the two dogs chewed up the coat-tails of a dignitary at the end of one evening, thus ruining his gala attire. When the guest complained of the damages to the supreme administrator, he is said to have impassively explained: "I have told you again and again, Your Excellency, that you should not put pork cutlets in your coat-tails when dining."

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