Bebenhausen Monastery and Palace, panel relic

Container for valuable relicsThe panel relic

The Gothic panel relic of Abbot Peter von Gomaringen is impressive, not only due to its great age, but also because of its unusual shape and size. It was once part of an extensive treasure trove of relics held by Bebenhausen Monastery until the Reformation.

Bebenhausen Monastery and Palace, detail of the mural on the north side of the presbyterium with an image of the founder, Abbot Peter von Gomaringen

Mural with a depiction of the benefactor, Abbot Peter von Gomaringen.

Relics in protective packaging

The relic from the period around 1400 served to store and display precious relics. The two wooden panels, connected with joints, are each 73.5 centimeters tall and 25.5 centimeters wide. Small compartments on the inside house the relics. It is likely that they were covered with thin sheets of horn or parchment to protect the holy objects. The outside was decorated with iron fittings in the shape of tendrils and the coat of arms of Abbot Peter von Gomaringen.