Washstand fixtures in the queen's bathroom in Bebenhausen Palace

Understated elegance, modern technologyThe queen’s bathroom

The Queen Charlotte's bathroom in Bebenhausen Palace, with its tasteful restraint, still feels modern today, even though it's one hundred years old. At the time, the royal bathroom and the connected dressing room were extremely modern, comfortable, and quite expensive.

Queen Charlotte's bathroom in Bebenhausen Palace

Still modern today: Queen Charlotte's bathroom.

A monument to construction technology

From 1915 to 1916, during the last phase of construction in Bebenhausen Palace, many changes were made to Queen Charlotte's living quarters. This included the modernization of her previous bathroom. The room, technically outfitted with light-colored tiles and elegant simplicity and yet with comfortable fittings, has long been an outstanding monument of technical construction. The bathroom was used by the former queen, who lived in Bebenhausen long after the death of Wilhelm II, until her death in 1946.

Washbasin in the queen's bathroom in Bebenhausen Palace

Comfort in the queen's bathroom.

Lavish fixtures

A few steps down from the dressing room is the bathroom. A large bathtub, a walled shower, a bidet and flushing toilet, a marble washstand with two sinks, hot and cold running water and central heating: The comfort offered in the bathroom was luxurious for the time. This was true both in comparison with the housing situations of simple people and for members of the nobility. This was particularly the case as the inhabitants of castles generally lived in centuries-old buildings that could not meet modern standards.

The queen's writing room in Bebenhausen Palace
The queen's dressing room in Bebenhausen Palace

The writing room in the queen's apartment, and her dressing room: The royal couple of Württemberg lived with a high level of modern comforts at Bebenhausen.

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